Is share market is halal or haram

In share market can you become rich over night

How much risk in share market

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Halal Stocks

Is share market is halal or haram

Share market is halal but with some condition.

Company Main Product not a haram product. example alcohol, Entertainment, Interest etc.This type of Company share you can't buy because this company is not halal companies.

Some Companies have multiple products like Reliance Company they have jio communication,jio mart,Reliance Petrolium,Etertainment,in this compay they have some halal product as well as some haram product in this case haram product business revenu not be greater than 5%.

Company Don't have debt more than 33% example company value 100 cr so loan will be less than 33 cr

We understand how to filter halal stocks from share we need to understand which type of trading is allow in sharia.

There is three type of trading is available in share market.

1.Future & Options

Fture & options is not allow according to sharia because in this broker give you loan. Example if you have Rs.20,000 you can buy one Rs.1 Lakh shares remaining 80,000 give by the broker. but heare is one condition they give you one expiry date before expiry date you have to in loss or profit you have to sell else you have to pay 80,000 if share price down 20% you will going to loss all your money Rs.20,000

2. Intraday

Intraday is not allow according to sharia because in this also broker give you loan. what happening in future & option some thing will happend in intraday difference only time in future & option we monthly base contract in intraday we time base when ever you buy share after 9:30 auto sell happend 3:15 if you loss or get profit shares automatically sell on 3:15

Intraday and future& options highly risky and seem like gambling


Delivery Trading is Halal

In Delivery Trading once you buy share.its your's there no ristriction are there. when you want to sell you can sell any time. after 1 yrs,2yrs,3,yrs you want to hold life long it's your choice. Delivery trading is allow in sharia.

How Much Money You Can Earn From Share Market

if you are thinking you will become rich over night buying and selling are thinking in wrong way you are not become rich over night.and you can't earn fixed income like job.share market like busines you can't get fixed income if you ask any business man what is your income they all ways says average income not a fixed income so share market is business not a job you can

so from share market how much money you can earn.every months earning are difference some time you earn 5% 10% 0% some time nothing or may be in neagtive so you have to take share market as side can't depend on share market.

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What is Risk and Reward share market?

In share market every one put stop loss.let see understand what is stop loss with real example

assume you have one mobile store and you buy new phone at Rs.10,000 your going to sell that phone at Rs.12000 and you will going to get Rs.2000 Profit.but after some time customer ask in Rs.8500 what you will do your going to sell or not according to us you have to sell that is better because in future mobile phone price will going down only instead engaging your money in that you have to buy new phone in this your thinking you are getting loss but in mobile stone not only phone are ther many phone are ther

Example if you have 10 phone you sell 5 phone in profit 2000 x 5 = your profit is 10,000 and 5 phone in loss 1500 x 5 = 7500. profit:10,000 - loss:7500 = 25,00 end of the day your getting profit only because you set stop loss at 8500 it's means if you have 50% sucessful trading your going to get profit only

1.Rule No 1 always set stop loss

2.Rule no 2 always maintain 10 stock in your portfolio

Virtual Trading

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